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Thoracic (lung) services


The Golden Jubilee National Hospital’s thoracic (lung) surgery department is the largest chest surgery unit in Scotland and one of the largest in the UK and Ireland*.


Our thoracic pages do not provide medical advice. If you need medical advice you should consult your doctor in the first instance.


The type of surgery the thoracic department carries out covers all aspects of non-cardiac chest surgery for a range of conditions.


  • Primary lung cancer or secondary cancerous growth affecting the lung (known as metastases).
  • Mesothelioma – disease of the lung lining (pleura), which is linked to asbestos exposure.
  • Tumours of the chest including mediastinal (middle of the chest).
  • Gullet (oesophageal) cancers.
  • Hiatus hernias.
  • Benign conditions affecting the gullet such as achalasia and reflux oesophagitis.
  • Chest wall growths.
  • The diagnosis and management of fluid collections around the lung (pleural effusions) or heart (pericardial effusions).


The thoracic team also work with patients with conditions that may require chest surgery as part of their treatment, including:


  • chest wall deformities such as a ‘hollowed’ chest (pectus excavatum).
  • serious chest cavity infection(empyema).
  • emphysema.
  • lung collapse (pneumothorax).
  • a condition affecting the nervous system known as ‘myasthenia gravis'.


A range of information leaflets have been produced for patients by the Golden Jubilee’s thoracic staff or by the Scottish Lung Cancer Nurses Forum and provide useful information on some common chest operations. These leaflets are available in the patient information section of our site.


*According to the 2008-2009 Thoracic Surgery Activity Report, Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery


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