Referral to Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Most of our patients are referred for surgery by chest specialists in their local hospital, although some referrals come directly from General Practitioners.

If you think you may require chest surgery, please discuss this with your doctor in the first instance.

Who may be involved in your journey:

• Thoracic (lung) surgeons
• Chest physicians (lung specialists)
• Oncologists (cancer specialists)
• Anaesthetists
• Nurses (including Macmillan cancer support nurses)
• Physiotherapists
• Pharmacists

Surgeon Appointment

When you are referred to the Golden Jubilee National Hospital you will be given an appointment to see a Thoracic surgeon either at the Golden Jubilee or at your local hospital.

As we serve a large area, outreach clinics take place every week in hospitals across the west of Scotland to reduce the distance many patients travel.

This means that you may see one of our surgeons in your local hospital before surgery. If this is the case, you will normally have your follow up visits at the same hospital if these are required; this will depend on your procedure and your individual recovery.

Regardless where you are seen for these appointments, if you require surgery, this will take place at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.

At your consultation, the surgeon may look at your medical history, your X-rays, scans and examine you. From this information the surgeon will discuss the appropriate treatment options with you.

If surgery is planned, your surgeon will discuss the operation in detail and explain all the associated risks and complications, beginning the process of informed consent.

You may also see an anaesthetist who will explain the anaesthetic and pain relief choices available to you.


If surgery is planned, you may stay for the Pre-operative Assessment Clinic or come back on another day for the pre-operative clinic at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.

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