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Ophthalmology (eye) surgery

Our Ophthalmology Department at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital provides a high volume Cataract Surgery Service in line with the Scottish Government's commitment to manage waiting lists within the treatment time guarantee. All cataract operations at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital are performed by Consultant Ophthalmologists.


We have recently recieved significant investment by the Scottish Government to expand our services and have been tasked with providing over 4000 outpatient appointments and 2800 cataract surgeries per year. As a national resource for the people of Scotland, we receive referrals from across the country. We also provide patient clinics and surgery for the Island of Orkney.


What is a cataract?


A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that may reduce your vision. You may notice your vision becomes blurry or out of focus. Some may notice bright lights or car headlights cause lots of glare. Sometimes colours appear faded or washed out.


How do you treat it?


The affected lens can be removed and in most cases, be replaced by an artificial lens.


The operation is very successful and is routinely carried out under topical (numbing eye drops), or local anaesthetic, so you will usually be awake throughout the surgery. In certain circumstances a general anaesthetic may be required.


At your pre-operative assessment your nurse or doctor will discuss with you the type of anaesthetic and what to expect during and after your surgery.


To find out more, please read our Cataract Patient Information Guide, one of our Ophthalmic Patient Information booklets.

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