About your Cataract Surgery

When you arrive in the day surgery unit, one of our nurses will collect you from the Outpatients Theatre reception area to ask you a few questions and check your blood pressure.


Once you have been seen by the nurse you will be escorted to the pre-operative area, where eye drops are dropped into your eye over the course of an hour. There will be two different drops; one is to make the pupil bigger, and the other is a local anaesthetic drop to ensure you do not feel any pain during your surgery. The local anaesthetic drops will be put in both eyes.


You will be given a gown to put over your clothes, a hat to cover your hair and blue plastic to put over your shoes.


When it is time to go into theatre, you will be put into a wheelchair by one of our nurses. Your details and name band will then be checked before you are transferred into theatre.


When you arrive in theatre you will be asked to lie flat on a trolley while you have your surgery. Your face will be covered with a drape which is lifted over a bar so that you are able to breathe comfortably.


While you are having your surgery it is very important to stay still. One of our nurses will be holding your hand throughout the procedure. If you need to make any movements for example cough, sneeze or feel any pain you should squeeze the nurse's hand so that they can alert the surgeon.


There may be music playing in the background – this is to help you relax. You may hear the machine or staff talking. If you need to make any movements you will be requested to do this directly, by name. The surgical time can vary, but is usually around 15-20 minutes in total.


Once surgery is complete, the drape will be removed which can be very sticky. Your eye will be covered with a plastic shield to protect it.


You will then be transferred to a chair when you are able to do so and wheeled back to where you began your journey, where we will discuss and give you information about what to do following your surgery. You will then be discharged.

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