Attending the Eye Clinic

Before being given your surgery date, you will be asked to attend a pre-operative assessment to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for Cataract surgery.


When attending your pre-operative assessment, please do not drive yourself. During the assessment, the nurses will administer eye drops which can make your eyes blurry for up to six hours.

Contact lenses

Please do not wear your lenses for seven days before your appointment as they may affect the result of the tests that are carried out.

What to bring with you

  • When attending your pre-assessment, please bring:
  • Your completed registration form.
  • Any glasses you use for watching television, reading or driving.
  • Any medication you are currently taking (either boxes or a list)

On Arrival

Our reception staff will greet you on arrival, taking your name and registration form. You will be asked to take a seat in the appropriate waiting area.


You may be in the department for up to four hours. During this time both the Nursing staff and Consultant will see you. Please be prepared for the wait.

Your Eye Assessment 

  • We will take a note of your personal details.
  • Your observations (such as blood pressure) will be taken, as will a blood glucose test (if diabetic).
  • We will also need to take a note of your medical history and any medications.
  • Our Eye Nurses will carry out a variety of tests and assess your eye(s) and distance vision for surgery.
  • The nurse will explain to you what happens before, during and after your eye surgery. You will then be seen by our Consultant, who will personally examine your eyes and explain the risks and benefits of surgery should you wish to go ahead.

For more information, please have a look at our information leaflets, which are available for download.

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