Before your Cataract Surgery

If you are suitable to have your eye surgery performed as a day patient, the surgery will be performed under local anaesthetic and you should be able to return home on the same day.

When to come

• You should arrive at the hospital at the time and date given on your letter.

Before you come

• Please take all your usual medications at the prescribed time with a sip of water if required.
• Please bring all your medications with you in their original container.
• Please remove all make-up and nail polish before you arrive.
• If hospital transport has not been arranged for you, please arrange for a responsible adult to escort you home. Under no circumstances should you drive yourself home.
• You will not need to undress to go to theatre.
• Please wear loose clean clothes (preferably something with front fastening).
• Please notify us if you have any symptoms (such as fever, rash, breathing difficulties or chest pain) before your procedure. 

Where to come

When you arrive at your scheduled appointment time, please proceed to our Hospital Reception where you will be directed to our eye suite.

What to bring

• The information leaflet and your accompanying letter.
• All your current medications.
• An emergency contact number/adult escort.

What not to bring

• Toiletries, dressing gown or slippers.
• Any valuables or jewellery (except wedding rings).
• Your car (unless your escort is driving you home).

When you arrive at the eye suite

• Our receptionist will ask you to complete a registration form and your escort (if you have one) will be given an approximate time to collect you.
• You will then be admitted by a nurse and possibly be seen by our surgeon. "We will check you have signed a consent form.
• The nurse will then begin to put eye drops in. This will make your
pupil enlarge and allow the surgeon to perform your surgery. This will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
• If you have a morning appointment, please be prepared to spend the whole morning at the hospital and likewise if your appointment is in the afternoon.


The above information is also available for download here.

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