Going Home

At home it is important that you continue with all the exercises and precautions given by the physiotherapists and occupational therapists.  This will help you get back to fitness and get the best from your new joint.


Your booklet is also a good resource to help you remember your exercises and precautions and contains a helpful Frequently Asked Question section that may answer any questions or worries you may have when you get home.   


A member of the Arthroplasty Outcome Team (AOT) will contact you 10-14 days after the operation and can be contacted directly if you are experiencing any problems.

Arthroplasty Outcomes Team Helpline: 0141 951 5521

Out of hours (urgent) call switchboard: 0141 951 500 and ask for page 0257

You will attend the GP practice nurse, or a district nurse may visit you, approximately 10-14 days after the operation to remove sutures or staples. 


Routine follow-up is arranged six weeks after your knee replacement. You will be seen by a member of the Arthroplasty Outcome Team, either at Golden Jubilee National Hospital or remotely.

An Xray of your knee will be taken and reviewed and discussed with you.


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