Coming to Clinic

Our clinics are held in the level two outpatient area.

Please let the clinic staff know when you arrive by reporting to the clinic reception.

What happens at your clinic appointment?

Your appointment may take as long as three to four hours. 

We are happy for you to attend alone, or with family or loved ones to aid with the consultation or just provide support.

You will have:

  • an electrocardiogram (ECG or paper trace of the heart)

  • your height, weight, blood pressure and oxygen level will be recorded

  • an echocardiogram (heart scan) - this can take up to 50 minutes to perform and report

  • have a routine cardiac examination

  • complete a PHQ-4 assessment to assess anxiety and depression

  • blood tests, if required (this will be explained to you)

  • see the nursing team and medical team, who will discuss your test results and your progress and can ask any questions that you may have

  • have an agreed plan 

  • be given a timeline for review either locally or for further assessment by the  SACCS team  

Other tests

Tests such as Magentic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or Computer Tomography (CT) scans or Cardio Pulmomary Exercise Test (CPET) may also be performed prior to your clinic visit.  We try to arrange these tests as close as possible but you may be required to attend for these tests and your clinic visit on different days.

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