Information for patients


Moving from the children’s hospital to the adult service can be an anxious time for you and your family.  That is why the adult team at the Golden Jubilee National hospital like to meet you before your care is moved to the adult service.  This usually happens at the Transition clinic which takes place at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. 


Your cardiology consultant can refer to you this clinic which is run by a cardiologist and a nurse from the adult team. During the clinic you will get an Echocardiogram and an ECG, the doctor will talk to you about the results of your tests. Although your family should come with you to your clinic visit you, will find that the doctor will start to talk to you more about your heart and your health.


As a teenager you will be starting to think about your future and will be making important lifestyle decisions.  In order to help you to make informed choices about your health you will be given information about your heart condition and health education at your clinic visit (see lifestyle page).   Once you turn 16 years old, you will be asked to sign consent forms rather than your parents so it is a good idea to try to learn more about your heart condition. 


Before you leave the clinic appointment, a plan is made about where you will be seen next. For some patients they would rather continue under the paediatric team for a bit longer, but other patients are ready to move across to an adult hospital.  This a joint decision between you, your parents and the medical team.  Remember it is always a good idea to bring someone with you to clinic appointments.  Although health care professionals can’t talk to anyone without your consent once you turn 16 years old, but with your permission we welcome parents and family at all clinic appointments. 


Attending routine clinics as an adult, even if you feel well, is very important.  For many patients it is simply a matter of carrying out some investigations (ECG, Echo and occasionally MRI or exercise tests), however, if things do start to change with your heart we may need to consider other treatment options.  Future heart surgery or intervention on your heart will take place at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital; however, your follow up care is usually shared between your local cardiology team and the National service at the Golden Jubilee.  Regardless of where you are being seen, you can always contact the Nurse Practitioners who work at the Golden Jubilee Hospital (see contact details).  The nursing team is available for advice, support but can also be contacted if you have a change in your symptoms or life circumstances that might be relevant to your health (for example, planning a family or going travelling).

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