john_sharp.JPGName: Dr John Sharp


Job title: Consultant Clinical Psychologist


Qualifications: DClinPsychol


Clinical specialist interests: Heart failure, Heart transplantation, Depression; Anxiety, Medically unexplained symptoms, Cognitive behaviour therapy.


University affiliation: Honorary Research Fellow, University of Glasgow


Research interests: Heart failure, Heart transplantation, Depression, Anxiety, Medically unexplained symptoms, Adherence, Social rehabilitation, Nomenclature


National committees/appointments: Chair of UK-wide PACT (Psychological Association for Cardiothoracic Transplantation)

Member of Scottish Clinical Health Psychology Heads of Service


Notable publications: Holly D, Sharp J, Addressing health inequalities, coronary heart disease training within learning disabilities services. British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 42(2), 110-116, 2014


Sharp J, Holly D, Broomfield NM: Computerised cognitive behaviour therapy for depression in people with a chronic physical illness.  British Journal of Health Psychology, 18(4):729-744, 2013


Holly D, Sharp J: The psychological impact of the implantable cardioverter defibrillator: A systematic review.  Arrhythmia Watch 2011;Issue 17 (Oct)


Sharp J, Innes I, Brown T: Referrals to a liaison psychiatry outpatient clinic, Scottish Medical Journal, August 2011; vol. 56, 3: pp. 125-129.


Taylor G, Wilson S, Sharp J: Medical, psychological and sociodemographic factors associated with adherence to cardiac rehabilitation programmes: a systematic review.  Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 26(3):202-9, 2011


Sharp J, McRae A, McNeil Y: Living kidney donor decision making and psychosocial outcomes.  Progress in Transplantation, 20(1):53-7, 2010


Sharp J, Freeman SC: Predicting adherence to cardiac rehabilitation.  Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention, 29(4):241-7, 2009


Sharp J, Baillie N, Osborne M, Whitnall L, Sharp L: Outcome evaluation of brief psychosocial training for cardiac rehabilitation staff.  Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention, 27:99-103, 2007


Sharp J, Wild MR, Gumley AI, Deighan CJ: A cognitive behavioural group approach to enhance adherence to hemodialysis fluid-restrictions: A randomized, controlled trial.  American Journal of Kidney Disease, 45(6):1046-1057, 2005


Sharp J, Wild MR, Gumley AI: A systematic review of psychological interventions for the treatment of nonadherence to fluid-intake restrictions in people receiving hemodialysis.  American Journal of Kidney Disease, 45(1):15-27, 2005


Sharp J, Espie C: Brief exposure therapy for the relief of posttraumatic stress disorder: A single case experimental design.  Behavioural and Cogntive Psychotherapy, 32(3):365-369, 

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