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Pets in hospital

Patients and visitors who require access with Assistance dogs are welcome at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.  


In exceptional circumstances, by prior arrangement, pets are also permitted on site. However, this must be arranged and agreed by the Senior Charge Nurse, Consultant and Infection Control before any pet can be brought into a clinical area.


It is also important to note that while on site, dogs should not be toileted on hospital grounds.

Pet care while you’re in hospital

It is only natural that if you have to go into hospital for a period of time, that you will be worried about the care of your pet.

If you are only in hospital for a short period of time, you might be able to get help from family, friends, a neighbour or even your local vet. If you are able to pay for care, you might consider boarding kennels or catteries, or pet sitters.

If this is not an option, there are fostering charities who can put arrangements in place for someone to look after your pet, either in their own home or a care centre.

More information on this service can be found at: Pet Fostering Service Scotland – www.pfss.org.uk

If you are coming in to hospital, it may also be a good idea to carry a card with details of who should pet in an emergency.

For more information, please email Enquiries@gjnh.scot.nhs.uk

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