Hotel bedrooms

The on-site Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel provides support for patients and their relatives who need to travel a distance to be treated.


The hotel is linked to the hospital by means of a communal corridor or 'Main Street' as it has come to be known.


Our Booking Office can arrange your accommodation at the time of scheduling your appointment. This is free of charge* if you fall under our set criteria. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact our Booking Office for more information – telephone numbers for the team are available on the Contact Us page.


*If you are eligible for free accommodation, meals at the Hotel are not included. However, patients, relatives and visitors can use the hospital restaurant as an alternative.


If you are paying for your own accommodation, preferential rates are available, subject to availability.  Please call the Hotel Reservations Team on 0141 951 6008 for further information and to book.

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