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Board Papers - May 2019

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7.7a Meeting planner 2019-2020 v2.xlsx xlsx 31.28 KB
7.7 Board dates and process.docx docx 124.00 KB
7.6 Endowments Sub Committee Update 16 April 19.docx docx 739.86 KB
7.5 Audit and Risk Committee update 16 April 19.docx docx 41.86 KB
7.4 Audit and Risk Committee approved minutes.docx docx 227.10 KB
7.3a Finance Report.xlsx xlsx 88.54 KB
7.3 Finance report web version.docx docx 746.56 KB
7.2a Business Update Report .docx.xlsx xlsx 45.68 KB
7.2 Business Update Report .docx docx 747.05 KB
7.1a Corporate Balance Scorecard.xlsx xlsx 323.37 KB
7.1 Performance update.docx docx 1,034.80 KB
6.3 Clinical Governance Committee Update 16 April 19.docx docx 740.96 KB
6.2 Approved Clinical Governance Committee Minutes 29 Jan 2019.docx docx 916.98 KB
6.1a Healthcare Associated Infection Report (HAIRT) data.docx docx 831.47 KB
6.1 Healthcare Associated Infection Report (HAIRT).docx docx 741.78 KB
5.6 Person Centred Committee Update 17 April 2019.docx docx 34.09 KB
5.4a Equalities Mainstreaming Report 2019.pdf pdf 1,085.09 KB
5.5 Approved Person Centred Committee Minutes.docx docx 930.90 KB
5.4 Equalities Mainstreaming report.docx docx 33.67 KB
5.3c Health Promoting Health Service (HPHS).docx.pdf pdf 96.13 KB
5.3b Health Promoting Health Service (HPHS).docx docx 42.78 KB
5.3a Health Promoting Health Service (HPHS).docx docx 67.46 KB
5.3 Health Promoting Health Service (HPHS).docx docx 739.77 KB
5.2 Hospital Expansion Programme Phase Two.docx docx 739.35 KB
5.2 a Hospital Expansion Programme Phase 2 Report March-April 19.docx docx 64.73 KB
5.1a Hospital Expansion Programme Phase 1 Report March-April 19.docx docx 68.13 KB
0 - GJF Board Agenda 9 May 2019.docx docx 906.47 KB
5.1 Hospital expansion phase one update.docx docx 739.36 KB
GJF Board Papers 9 May 2019.zip zip 9,892.51 KB
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