Following the enactment of the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc. (Scotland) Act 2000, public bodies are required to prepare a Code of Conduct for Members of our Board. This must be approved by Scottish Ministers.


You can view our Code of Conduct here (PDF)


Register of Interests


The Golden Jubilee Foundation Register of Interests is updated regularly to take account of changing circumstances of members' interests and change of membership of our Board.


If you require any information on our Register of Interests or Code of Conduct, please contact Communications on 0141 951 5175/5195.

Name Date Published  Extension   Filesize  
02-August-2010 pdf 41KB
01-August-2012 pdf 48KB
01-August-2013 pdf 21KB
01-August-2014 pdf 48KB
03-August-2015 pdf 47KB
01-August-2016 pdf 14KB
01-August-2017 pdf 32KB
31-August-2018 pdf 55KB
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