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Technology helps NHS Golden Jubilee improve patient care

October 13, 2020

The new system allows staff to focus on delivering quality healthcare                                                                                 that is person centred, safe and effective.

An innovative electronic system which allows catering staff at NHS Golden Jubilee to order inpatient meals on the same day and cut food wastage has been launched.

The introduction of the Bedside Menu Ordering System (BMOS) allows staff to focus on delivering quality healthcare that is person centred, safe and effective.

The BMOS, which has reduced breakfast food wastage by a massive 50 percent since it was introduced and reflects the NHS Golden Jubilee becoming eco-friendlier and more efficient.

Before the new system was introduced, staff would have to fill in a paper form and take it to catering staff a day in advance – this could mean that if a patient's appetite changed meals could be wasted.

The old paper process could take ward staff up to 90 minutes to complete. The new system, which is run from an iPad the ward staff carry with them, means that valuable staff time has also been saved, freeing them up for other duties.

NHS Golden jubilee Catering Manager, Pamela Mailer said “This new system has so many benefits for the hospital and patients alike.

“It has saved us time as the new system automatically counts meal numbers and gives us control over specialist diets and has helped us build stronger relationships with both staff and patients.

“All of this means we have more time to better provide the services that focus on patient improvements.”

The software can be used in multiple locations at the same time and can be used offline if required, with data uploaded when an internet connection becomes available.

Using a hand held device, the BMOS allows patients to choose their meals closer to the time of service, delivering their menu choice, not one chosen by a previous patient.

Designed to enhance the patients experience and improve efficiency within healthcare catering, the BMOS means patients will enjoy a smooth, personal and accurate ordering experience.

The enhanced interactivity of this experience allows for a more sociable process while orders are logged into   the device and received in real time by the kitchen with special dietary needs catered for at the time of entry, increasing patient safety.

Hospital catering provides an important opportunity to deliver valuable dietary support to patients and enhance patient satisfaction by offering them what they want when they want it.

Modifying the meal ordering process through the adoption of technology allows patients to actively engage in the process and provide an opportunity to influence patient outcomes. 

The system flags patients who have food allergies or who need a specialist diet such as gluten-free or low sodium requirements. This gives the catering team greater control to ensure patients receive a meal suitable to their needs.

With nutrition playing such a key role in a patients well-being, the BMOS ensures accurate meal-time data tracking and reporting. Meal costs are tracked whilst driving down both kitchen production costs and wastage.

Anne Marie Cavanagh, Executive Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professionals, said: “At the Golden Jubilee we are constantly looking at ways to improve the care and treatments we offer to our patients.

“The introduction of this new electronic system is a great example of the innovative ways NHS Golden Jubilee continues to transform and improve the way staff work and ensure the hospital continues to offer the best patient care and experience possible to the people of Scotland.”

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