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Golden Jubilee specialists urge patients to seek treatment

April 09, 2020

Scottish heart and lung specialists are urging patients not to ignore symptoms of other critical health conditions during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

NHS Golden Jubilee continues to provide ‘critical to life’ heart, lung and cancer services and are urging anyone who feels seriously unwell to seek early treatment.

Patients are also being reminded to continue taking any prescribed medication and attend all appointments unless their doctor or a member of their care team tells them otherwise.

Consultant Cardiologist Professor Hany Eteiba, commented: “The unintended consequence during a pandemic is that people fail to seek timely medical help for other conditions.

“We are noticing that patients with acute cardiac symptoms are waiting longer at home before seeking medical care, putting their life at risk.

“We know that people may not wish to place what they might perceive as an unnecessary burden on the NHS, but the risk of developing serious or life-threatening conditions remains unchanged.

“We want to reassure the public that the NHS remains available and well-equipped to provide care for these patients and that it is okay to leave your home for medical reasons.

“It is extremely important that people seek medical help for acute heart and lung or cancer as early as possible. Failing to seek help when it is essential may place your health, and even your life, at risk.”

UK and Scottish Government guidance allows people to leave their homes in order to access medical care.

·           If you become acutely unwell and believe that you are suffering from a serious or life-threatening condition, you should seek appropriate help through NHS111, 999 or accident and emergency.

·           Patients should continue with treatments for all medical conditions and attend any hospital or GP appointments that are requested. Routine care is being carried out, where possible, through telephone calls or video links so you will not be asked to attend unless absolutely necessary.

As part of NHS Scotland’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Golden Jubilee National Hospital will remain a COVID free site for as long as possible.

The hospital has already stopped elective surgery and will only provide intensive care support for both COVID and NON COVID patients when ICU capacity in other West of Scotland sites is nearing capacity.

It will be the first facility to step down COVID ICU support and move to the recovery phase when the surge in COVID-19 cases starts to decrease.

For more information please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9HVE1dJaLQ

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