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Medical Device Alpha Test MDαT® process

The Golden Jubilee has developed a ground-breaking process, which enables individuals and organisations such as commercial device companies or academic organisations to submit an idea or device for review by clinical experts.

Key facts:

  • The forum provides clinical and commercial insight to companies about the development of their medical technologies or products.
  • The review is devoted to the evaluation of the device and its potential for use within NHSScotland and the wider healthcare environment. Recognised and applauded by observers and participants as a valuable and unique forum to develop useful and viable medical technologies
  • The presenting entity owns the idea or device and has ownership of the outcome of the MDαT® process, including any Intellectual Property. Watch our short film about the MDαT® process

If you would like to take part in our MDαT® process, please contact the Golden Jubilee Research Institute on 0141 951 5910


The Golden Jubilee National Hospital has implemented a pioneering new digital system for recording patients’ vital signs which allows clinicians to monitor their condition in near real time.

KEWS300 from Syncrophi Systems allows medical staff to take paperless, digital, recordings of vital signs and observations at the patient’s bedside.

Patient vital signs are automatically displayed on a central console at the Nursing Station, allowing easy viewing by the clinical team at any time.

As the system highlights the status of all observations and provides Early Warning Scores, it ensures that patients are receiving consistent, accurate, and effective treatment throughout their stay.

The introduction of KEWS300 followed a successful presentation and demonstration as part of the Golden Jubilee’s pioneering Medical Device Alpha Test ®* programme.

Following a successful pilot in one ward, it is now being rolled out across the hospital. Watch our short film about KEWS300, below.

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